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Here at ADHD Hive, we are aware of the vast amount of resources and help available out there but also the overwhelm that comes with what you should go with. 

We have a selection of different types of support available below so have a look and if you want to get in contact complete the form below and we'll pass that information on. 



Executive Disfunction Coach

Effective Artistry is dedicated to helping people develop the skills they need to create the lives they want. They are particularly focused on helping neurodivergent people--including people with ADHD--and people who consider themselves creative. They offer online, one-on-one Executive Functioning Coaching to people all over the world. Effective Artistry’s founder and director, Brandon Tessers, is a licensed therapist in the state of Illinois who has been helping neurodivergent people with their executive functioning for over a decade. People with ADHD and artists both have a tendency to struggle with executive functioning: planning, prioritizing, managing time, both starting AND completing tasks, etc. It’s often even worse when those two identities combine in a single person. It’s a shame to let EF struggles get in the way of your brilliance. Let us help.