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ND Creative Writers' Group

A co-working session for neurodivergent creative writers

  • Online: Zoom Code 513 140 7454

Service Description

Welcome to the Neurodivergent Writer's Group. A few house rules: - This is a welcoming and friendly space, where we can share our love of writing, discuss ideas and work on our writing projects with like-minded folk. - Please note: this group is for creative writing only. For academic writing, please join the ND Co-Working Group sessions. - This is a free service, however donations are gratefully received and will go towards site upkeep and admin costs. You can support us through PayPal or Patreon: - Your host will facilitate the session and encourage you to share ideas and make the most of some quiet, structured writing time. There will be regular check-in points throughout the session. - We treat one another as we would treat friends and colleagues. That means we're respectful of one another and of the space. We give one another space to speak and we respect the host's time. - You agree not to ask people to proofread or edit your work, or to ask more experienced writers to mentor you. We value one another's time and don't ask anyone to work for free. - If you want to share tips, links and recommendations, we encourage you to do so! - Breakout rooms will be kept open for anyone who wants to have a chat and discuss their work informally with others, but the main Zoom room will be for quiet working. - We're aware that some topics can be triggering or upsetting for people. Therefore we use the phrase "pineapple juice" as a safe-word, which will indicate to other group members that it might be best to change the subject. If you don't feel comfortable asking for this in front of the group, send your host a message in the Zoom chat and they will redirect the conversation. - We do not tolerate abusive behaviour, or harassment of any kind. Please report any such behaviour to your host, or email the Hive using the contact form on the homepage. Any issues will be dealt with in strictest confidence. Misconduct and harassment will lead to dismissal from the group. - If no one shows up for the session within 30 minutes of the start time, your host reserves the right to end the session. If you can't attend a session, you can cancel it from the "My Bookings" section of your member's account. - We encourage you to share your finished writing with us, so that we can promote it on Twitter and elsewhere. You're also welcome to submit a piece to the ADHD Hive Blog - we'll even proofread it for you!

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

To cancel a booking, please log in to your account and go to "My Bookings". Select the booking you need to change and choose "Cancel" in the drop-down menu to the right of the booking details.

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