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ADHD Party

Welcome to the party!

  • 5 hours
  • Zoom Code: [sent prior to party]

Service Description

Welcome to the party! Before you book in, just a bit of an intro: This is a casual environment for anyone with ADHD to hang out with other people with ADHD. This means there will be lots of fast talking and lots of different topics in quick succession! As lots of people have lots of different backgrounds and experiences, it is important that everyone feels safe and understands what they are walking into. - Be respectful to everyone regardless of your personal opinions/bias/politics - if you are triggered by any subjects raised, use the safe word "PINEAPPLE JUICE" either in the chat or verbally. - if the safe word is used do not ask why someone has been triggered, simply.stop the conversation. If you wish, you can move to another room and continue the discussion. - If you behave inappropriately, you will be given a "YELLOW CARD" as a warning to stop being inappropriate. If it continues, you won't get another warning - you will be immediately removed from the party and receive a two week suspension from the party. - If you feel someone has behaved inappropriately and the host hasn't picked it up, message them privately and they will highlight it to the individual privately. Noone should be publicly shamed and doing so may earn you a yellow card on its own. - Before discussing a potentially controversial subject, ask the party if anyone has any issues/potential triggers regarding the subject, or move to another room instead. - There are no age restrictions, but there may be adult content as well as people drinking alcohol. This is not a support group. People at the party are happy to help with the odd bit of advice, but this is a place for people to hang out without fear of judgement for interrupting or switching subjects. We will be providing resources for this soon, but in the meantime we would direct you to @ADHDSurprise on Twitter, who would be happy to help. Lastly, when joining the party, come with the mindset that you aren't coming to hurt people and people aren't coming to hurt you. Therefore there may be jokes or comments that are meant with affection and friendliness and are not an attack on a group of people - and shouldn't be taken as such. Finally: have fun and join in! You don't need to speak constantly and can listen to others instead until you feel more comfortable. On arrival, you will be asked to share your name and anything you want to tell the party. This a free service but donations are always welcome!

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Cancellation Policy

To cancel a booking, please log in to your account and go to "My Bookings". Select the booking you need to change and choose "Cancel" in the drop-down menu to the right of the booking details.

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