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Who am I?

Why is my worth weighed in the voices of others? Why is my progress measured in the approval of peers? Why do I feel like an imposter in the shadow of my own achievements? Why when I celebrate myself, I feel like I cheated? People can tell me I've done well and they're proud, But I doubt their sincerity once they turnaround. I try to be positive and sometimes I succeed, Until I remember the negative thoughts I can breed. In regards to your opinion, I don't care! But I do, I don't want to but I do. You want to reject me, that's fine goodbye. I can handle it, I can manage. Or can I? I don't know what I'm doing here, I'm just trying to get by and survive. I can't be alone, I panic and cry, Who am I, the image and persona? Or the trembling shadow waiting to burn in the light?

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