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ND Co-working Group: You Asked, We Answered!

We’ve been listening to feedback from our volunteer hosts and from you, our members. We’re so glad you enjoy these sessions and we love having you join us as we tackle our projects and chores together. In response to feedback (through our Twitter poll and during our sessions), we’ve decided to add some new services.

Here’s an overview of what we’re planning (scroll down for the details)

We’re giving you:

· More breakout rooms

· Small Group Sessions

· “Silent Study” Sessions

· Fabulous new volunteer hosts!

We’d like you to

· Create your free member profile on

· Add your bookings to your calendar and check your inbox for reminders

· Please cancel ahead of time if you can’t make a session (see below for a how-to)

· Enjoy your co-working sessions and have fun!


More Breakout Rooms

Our standard co-working sessions are designed to facilitate up to 15 members per session. We’ve seen demand for this service increase and these sessions are starting to fill up on a regular basis! We love getting to know you during our breaks, sharing our ideas, hitting our work goals and cheering one another on.

We also know that sometimes you need to work through your break. Whether it’s because you’re taking a meeting, dealing with childcare, or just in the zone and hyperfocused on your work, sometimes you just need to push through. So we’re opening up extra breakout rooms for those of you who need a quieter space during the sessions.

Small Group Sessions

For those of you who prefer a cosier vibe, we’re trialling some smaller co-working sessions. These will be capped at eight members per session. Again, this is an opportunity for you to work with fewer interruptions (and we’ll keep a breakout room open for you in these sessions too). Smaller sessions also provide more flexibility for our hosts and let us accommodate different working styles.

“Silent Study” Sessions

Starting February 15th, Anke and Marie will trial silent study sessions on Mondays. These sessions will be an opportunity for us to try out a new way of hosting, where we minimize time spent on-mic. We’ll announce the breaks on mic and in chat as usual. We’ll then invite anyone who wants to have a conversation during the break to use our virtual “coffee room”.

We hope these sessions will be useful to those of you who enjoy the company of your group, but who might prefer quieter breaks and communicating via text chat.

So, keep an eye out for these new sessions as they go live on our booking pages over the coming days and weeks:

New Volunteers and Co-hosting

We’ve had so many offers from you, our members, to join us as hosts! This sparks joy! It means so much to us that you value the sessions as much as we value your company. Some of you have suggested you might like to co-host a session with some of our regular hosts, to help us meet demand for our standard sessions. We’re excited to make this happen and really appreciate your contribution to the ND co-working community.

Update to our booking form

As we have so many new members joining us just now, we want to make sure we keep you advised of how the sessions are run. To ensure we always know if we have new friends joining us, we’ve added a line to the booking form so you can let us know if it’s your first session. Your hosts will get this info when we receive your booking confirmation and we’ll be able to spend a little extra time getting you settled in and acquainting you with your new virtual work buddies.

Reminders and Cancellations

We all forget stuff from time to time, right? We totally get it, ND friends! So we have a couple of ways to make it easier for you to remember your bookings.

1. Sign up as a member on Hit the Login button on the top right of the home screen and choose your sign-up option. Once you’re a member, you can keep track of your bookings, by checking your profile and clicking on “My Bookings”.

2. Add your booking to Google Calendar using the button provided.

3. Check your inbox for reminders. We now send you a scheduled reminder 24hrs in advance of your booking.

Finally, if you can’t make your session, we would ask you to please cancel if possible, so someone else can avail of the space. You can do this by going into “my bookings” and choosing the “reschedule” or “cancel” options from the drop-down menu next to your chosen session.

So that’s all, folks! We hope to see you soon at one of our sessions. We love hosting them, we love that they help you get your work done and we LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you coming back for more!

With love and best wishes,

The ND Co-Working Team.