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by Matilda

The woman sped along the rivers edge. The rain tearing at her grief stricken face. Her breath shallowed as she tried to block out the regret coursing through her veins.

She stood over the body of her ex-boyfriend. The corpse was lifeless and cold as stone.

She opened her eyes unsure where she was going but still she ran. Water licked at her feet as she fled from fear itself. The river was churning and ferocious ready to devour anything that came within its pitiless grasp.

The sky darkened and thunder echoed in the woman’s brain.

A single blast of lightning flashed in her eyes and her foot slipped.

The river tore at her body muffling her screams, the jagged rocks slicing her hands as she grabbed onto the river bank.

Guilt dragged her down by her ankles into the icy depths of the river, the current smashing rocks against her quaking body. The memory of the bloody knife in her hands flashed in her mind. And then it went black.

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