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I want to be People

Updated: May 10, 2021

Why do I have to be like them?

Why can't they be like me?

Oh it's not fair to ask that of people?

But it's ok to ask that of me?

So are we saying I'm not People?

Oh I've not to be so sensitive?

Oh I know what you mean?

But how am I being testy?

Can you explain it too me?

Help me understand?

Oh I've to forget it?

Which part?

Your ask of me?

Your selfish request?

Your disregard of my equality?

Your refusal that I, a person, exist?

You're sorry you asked?

So am I.

But your apology is disingenuous.

Mine though, is no lie.

See I wish I could be like them,

I wish I could adapt,

I wish you didn't need to ask,

Oh you wonder why I wish this?

So People would take me serious,

So People take off the kids gloves.

So People value my opinion,

Do you want more or is this enough?

I want to be People,

I don't want it to be like this,

But I don't want to be like you,

I want us all to be our best.

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