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ADHD Party 2.0

One year ago, everything changed.

One zoom call, one year ago, changed everything.

I have hosted (or at least made an appearance) every single Friday on an ADHD Party for one year. I have never committed to any regular activity as much as I have committed to this.

I have met wonderful people and done things I've always wanted too but have never been able to get myself to do.

I didn't think anything of the ADHD Party to start with in all honesty, I was just looking for company, which I found an abundance of.

When it was my birthday this year people even made a video for me to say how thankful they were and what an impact it had on them.

So I'm looking to do something, something I didn't think I'd be able to do...

Something I have actually had to prepare for and plan out.

I have gained a qualification as a SEN Support Worker for this.

I have spoken with doctors, teachers, parents, sought legal advice and applied for my PVG (after realising that I only had enhanced disclosure).

All so that I can announce today (on the anniversary of the first ADHD Party) that I am going to start....

ADHD Party 2.0 for kids in the UK between 12-15.

A booking will appear on the website in due course and the first one is likely to be a maximum of 5 kids. I will also have a zoom call with parents and kids before it, to give more information on what it actually is!

The basic premise is simple. It isn't a place to get coaching, medication advice, or any other support in that way. It is a place for kids to meet kids like themselves and not feel like they have to shut up or calm down. There will be no structure at all. This is purely to give kids a place to not feel like they are alone, like so many people with ADHD often do.

When I asked a parent what they thought of the idea their response was this;

"To share experiences and to be involved in a group that sees him as a kindred spirit could be invaluable."

This idea was spawned from different people telling me about kids they knew with ADHD that they were worried about and following the overwhelmingly positive feedback from people who have attended the ADHD Party. Thank you too everyone who has encouraged me and put your faith in me to do this.

This is a free service and the frequency etc hasn't been set in stone yet. If you do have any questions though just shoot me an email at

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