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A Gift of Perspective

There is a gift I wish I could give,

The gift to be me,

If only for a day,

Then maybe you would see.

You'd see the world as I do,

The wonder and connections you miss,

The bird flapping in the distance,

The breath before a kiss,

You see the world as is,

Whilst I have childlike wonder,

I see as it could be,

If only I could share what you miss,

You wonder where my thoughts are,

To be honest so do I,

Like a dream I've just woke from,

They disappear into a mist,

You think about the impact,

Of your words, your laugh, your presence

The anxiety it holds you

To serve an unjust penance

I see the impact though,

The people who think on your words,

The people who love your laugh,

The difference here is key though,

You think, I don't,

I know the light you cast.

But this is certain,

I swear it's true,

If you could see as I do,

You'd see how I see you

With sight like that,

You'd see your embarrassment,

Not as such,

But instead, you'd see the truth.

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