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A Cat isn't just a Cat

You don't look like you have ADHD? What sort of nonsense is that? Do I look like a doctor? Do I look like an artist? Do I look like a mother? Or do I just look a prat? I can be all of the above and none of the above. I can be all the above and more. What about you? You don't look small minded. You don't look ignorant. But you sure as fuck sound it. I get it. You want to be able to identify from a distance. If I saw a cat from a distance I'd want to know too If it was a house cat or a lion, One will scratch and bite The other would take my life Think of us as the lion; you hear us from a distance, You see us lying about, But you wouldn't call a lion lazy would you? Cos that's when he'd rip your throat out. Don't underestimate what you don't understand. We don't play your games Not because we can't But because if we did You wouldn't stand a chance.

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